A Wide Range

Across more than 500 square metres of sales space we offer a wide range of organic produce, foodstuffs and natural cosmetics. For an organic supermarket our range is comprehensive and well organised and fully meets desire for product diversity from a single shop. Freshness and choice are important to us and we have many regional suppliers in our range. From pasta, muesli, tea to tinned foods, spices and frozen goods – you can find everything you need in your kitchen here. Wir stock well known producers such as Rapunzel, Lebensbaum, Zwergenwiese etc., as well as the „Biomarkt“ group´s own brand dennree.

In our fruit and veg section we offer seasonal and regional produce as well as fruits from tropical countries. You can also find a comprehensive range of fresh herbs here.

We are particularly proud of our large cheese counter with over 150 varieties of cheese on offer, which is known and loved by gourmets and connoisseurs across the district. You can receive excellent advice here from our co-worker Hannelore Bogner, who is a trained cheese sommelier. Additionally, you can get fresh antipasti and cream cheese varieties. Our meat and sausage counter offers a small but high quality selection of meats, e.g. from the Plankstetten monastery, butcher Pfindel in Mühlhausen or Herrmannsdorfer. In addition to the service counters you will also find a huge choice in the self service counters, including fresh products like cheese, yoghurt, spreads, fish and meats. You can also choose from vegan substitute products for milk and meat as well as tofu.

You can get local as well as European wines in our wine shelves. From high quality top wine to simple country wine – everything is there to choose from. We also have a winery from Unterfranken in our range – the Rothe vinyard in Nordhaim on the Main. We do not stock wines from oversees due to environmental reasons. Every Friday and Saturday you have the opportunity to sample wine from our range.

Every now and again we also offer tasting sessions for products in our range. You can find details for these events on our website and our facebook page. Why not follow us there!